Engagement & Wedding

  When it comes to engagement rings, the saying goes that a diamond is forever. We at Oro Fino agree, but also understand that a diamond’s setting and the care taken to express its true beauty is an art form in and of itself. Whether it’s a single diamond shimmering in the light of your love, a fully diamond encrusted ring, or a design of your own, we can accommodate just about any type, style and setting imaginable.

Likewise, when choosing a wedding band, your major considerations are to the pairing of the band to the engagement ring, choosing types of bands each of the couple’s own tastes, and the significance of what it all represents. Whether it’s choosing a ring, or caring for one through the life of your marriage, Oro Fino can help you.

Apart from the engagement and wedding, there is nothing more important than commemorating your special day than with a work of art for your anniversary. Anniversary jewelry is special in that it allows you more flexibility to step out of the confines of matrimonial jewelry tradition, and into the realm of creativity in celebrating your marriage milestones year after year. We have the expertise to fashion jewelry for such the occasion, whatever your desires may be.